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Granite Installs

Granite Showroom
Graziano Builders is unique in that unlike other local contractors, we are fully equip with a full granite workshop that allows us to cut, finish, and customize your custom granite pieces. Each piece of granite is measured to the smallest fraction of an inch for a guaranteed perfect fit for any project. Granite counters offer any kitchen or bathroom a gorgeous, sleek edge that standard counter tops simply fail to provide. These beautifully polished slabs will continue to impress both you and your guests for decades to come.

At our location in Vermilion, OH we have a showroom full of slabs ready for you to compare as well as a variety of samples of different styles of granite that can be ordered for you as you wish. If you have any doubts as to exactly how much granite counter tops will actually add to your home, feel free to call and set up a time convenient for you to stop by so we can show you in person.

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